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...had the whole world danging on your fingertips senior year... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
B e c c a M a r i e♥

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don't worry about the distance....im right there if you get lonely..give this song another listen... [Jul. 17th, 2006|12:57 am]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
[Current Location |DORM ROOM!!!!]
[.She's such a drama queen. |contemplativecontemplative]
[.Rockin' my ears. |Hey there deliah-Plain white tees.]

I should be sleeping right now...but i can't get my head to stop thinking...thinking about anything and everything possible...

the college life is a roller coaster...some days make me love it...others i wish i could be back in jax...its weird to think that i'm almost finished with my first semester of college....

the other day i took a carreer test....you know what it told me to be???
a stage technician...i swear...the more i think about it...the more i realize it's probally true...ill end up in theatre...married to a stagehand...ive been told it for years..i've just started to realize it may be true...

I've only been gone three weeks....but it seems like a lifetime...i'm changing...college is a BIG step...but its so much fun!

Happy birthday laura!

a year ago we were camping...i miss that.
i miss those people...they were my life.

funny how much happened and how we all turned out...

thinkthinkthink...make it stop..ihave class in 8 hours..
i love you guys...
and i love LIVEJOURNAL!!!!!

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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2006|09:57 am]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
[.She's such a drama queen. |weirdweird]

france/spain was everything i thought it would be...&&then some.
it was good to hang out with old friends.
i realized just how much i miss them in my life.

this is my last weekend in town...i leave either next friday or saturday.
it hasnt been decided...

i start classes a week from monday...

i love you guys.
lets hang out.
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summer sunshine♥ [May. 31st, 2006|11:21 am]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
i still keep thinking im just on vacation.
thinking about what i have to do for the classes i'll never attend again.
today is the end of the last full month i will be living in my parents house.
how weird is that?
i move somewhere between the 21-23.
i don't know the exact date.

tommorrow im off on a jet plane to see the city of love.
it should be amazing.
now if my nightmares would stop.
i know itll be fine.
i just need to stop being so paranoid.

its weird.
i'm stuck between being a little girl and an adult.
its too weird for words.
see you in a couple of weeks.
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(no subject) [May. 16th, 2006|02:30 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
[.She's such a drama queen. |awakeawake]

i dont know what to say..
highschools over.
i don't know how to react to that.

it hasnt really hit me yet.
im pretty sure it will when we're all sitting on that stage...cap and gowns...

we've all been together so long.
itll be weird not to be.

ill write a more meaningful post when it hits.
cause i know when it hits.
its going to hit hard.

i love you.
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18 years have come and gone [May. 2nd, 2006|06:15 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
school is kicking my ass.
the last eight days of highschool shouldn't be doing that you know?
it was supposed to be a breeze at this point...

apgov is kicking my ass the hardest...maybe cause i care about it more than some others that are kicking my ass.

no matter what i do i wont make above a C+ and that's lame.

i turned in all my books today.
what can i say?
i've started to let it kick my ass and i have no probelm with that....

it makes me happy that my grandparents are in town...
they make me happy.

the rest of my family will be here before i know it...
and school it'll just be a memory...
i can't wait for that....
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(no subject) [Apr. 29th, 2006|05:11 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
[.She's such a drama queen. |accomplishedaccomplished]

may starts monday...three weeks from that day we walk across that stage!

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changes come around real soon make us women and men. [Apr. 14th, 2006|07:00 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
I love
-my semi-long hair.
-prom dress almost done
-shoe shopping with lorie
-good music
-being a senior
-being excited about moving to a new city and starting all over
-good friends that are always there.
-midnight at walmart with friends.
-the thought of getting all dressed up next week.
-checking outta school early to hang out with my parents.
-amy coming for graduation(!!!!)

i hate</i>
-best friends fighting
-crying(which ive done too much this week)
-how numbered our days are.
-being scared of starting all over
-not knowing the future.
-everyone acting shitty to eachother.
-being broke
-my cousin not coming for graduation.
-my air in my truck being broke.

one week til prom!!!
one week&&one month til graduation!!!

lets hang out.
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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2006|02:43 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
<td align="center"> becca --

A dance involving little to no clothing

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2006|01:52 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
[.She's such a drama queen. |ditzyditzy]

Highschool-wise im done. I'm making the best grades i have in four years && completely pulled costumes outta my ass in 24 hours..I dont even know how im doing it because i dont give a damn about it anymore. I cant wait for this week to be over. after spring break,the events are one after another.

state...easter..prom..grad nite..ap exams..and then, we're through.

it's all over..two months from tommorrow, we are done with classes.

i miss my old friends. i miss the way things were at the begining of the year when we all hung out and swam under the stars for hours. i miss the laughter and the pictures we took.

its all just the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.
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havent been this scared in a long time. [Feb. 16th, 2006|08:40 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
[.She's such a drama queen. |anxiousanxious]

whoever hit the fastforward button on life needs to stop.
its all coming so soon.
and wish i could slow it down.
a completely different attitude than what i had a couple weeks ago.

its scary.i dont even get a summer to think and enjoy myself.
its graduation. disney. europe. college.
right after each other
and not only that.
the first week of classes is my birthday week.
how lame.

its so exciting and so scary.
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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2006|08:38 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
[.She's such a drama queen. |annoyedannoyed]

i dont know what to do about anything anymore.
i seem to fuck things up with friends.
i cant seem to just fuckin say what i wanna say or do what i wanna do with the boys in my life..
and i cant make an honest decision about where im going to college.
its just such a big big big decision and id rather someone else just make it for me..but i know thatd be a huge mistake. im indecisive. i know that.

a part of me just wants to fastforward through the rest of the fuckin year.
i hate school with a passion. i hate going. i hate getting outta bed to teachers who dont give a fuck themselves. what happened to the teachers we had at the beganing of the year that gave a damn? i mean...shouldnt they be trying to get us to care more now? i hate going to school just to do BS assignments. its a waste of my time..and i know its a waste of theirs.

i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
im sick of crying and hating.
im sick of everyone trying to make me tell them who is my real best friend...who i like best? thats freshman bullshit. i like everyone the same.
what happened to that closeness we had at the beginng of the year....when we all just hung out and laughed...noone got on each others nerve..im not gonna lie...i miss that. those days..before every other week we were in a fight...i mean you know its bad when the boys are fighting...we should be getting closer not growing apart...not yet this is it...i have to keep reminding myself that...we arent coming back in the fall...no second chances...its all right now.

if i could go back in time i would....there's a lot of things id do different...but i cant...i am who i am..and i wish everyone would just accept that at facevalue...

we have three months and some odd days together....cant we just fuckin enjoy it?
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walkin by hand in hand...everyone but me. [Jan. 16th, 2006|05:18 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
[.She's such a drama queen. |bouncybouncy]

in one month my fate will be decide.
how weird to think that we're on the homestretch of highschool....that itll be all over in just a matter of months.

somethings have changed...some will always be the same.

the past four days have made up for the horrible first two weeks of school.
we're already two weeks into the last quarter that matters.
&& the next two are going to fly with extravaganza on the horizon.

im happy and sad and wish that everyone would just get along. we're never going to have what we have right now.....never again.

i love you.

"springbreak anyone??"
yes india...it's gonna be one to remember.
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B e c c a M a r i e♥
New Year New Me??

we'll see how that one works out.
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some are born to sing the blues [Dec. 30th, 2005|10:28 pm]
B e c c a M a r i e♥
[.She's such a drama queen. |nostalgicnostalgic]

Everyone's changed and growing but you're always going to have that same group of friends to come back to."-lc...laguna beach

isn't it funny that tommorrow is new year's eve? that 2005 flew by without a second thought.....we are on the brink of the begining of the end. in months,we will walk down the hall singing down them for the last time...go to our lockers for the last time...and drive away without looking back...then.as our names echo the theatre....we will get the piece of paper that makes it real...that we wont be coming back in the fall to the same place with stories...that as much as we say we will and want it to...itll never be the same.

as we ring in the new year, its important we look back at the people && events that have gotten us this far...for without either,we wouldnt be who we are...

the drama, the parties,and the new faces have made us who we are today...the petty arguements that seemed so big at the time have now amounted to nothing...but you know what i do remember is each of you. of the parties and the laughter. the pictures documenting it all.of that awkward dinner last july that got us to where we are now...of senior orientation.of everyone becoming like a big family.of acceptance letters&&applications..and worrying about college. of so many first and so many lasts.

so many things have happened in the last year that people ask me if i regret...honestly. i dont..without them,i wouldnt be who i am today. those events made me stronger.made me realize who my true friends were.made me realize that thats not the life i wanna live. ive lived up some aspects of senior year...and neglected others && in the end i have to say im happy && excited for what 2006 holds for us..

i cant wait. 2005 made us grow up...i cant wait to see what 2006 will do to us..and i cant wait for the stories and laughter that well share in a year when we are reunited.

i love you all dearly.

have fun,be safe and think of me.
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